Regional development indicators module is an Information System that serves as a tool for monitoring the regional development and support in the decision taking, for evaluating the development trends in municipal territories as well as for elaboration and monitoring the development programs.

The ultimate goal of RDIM is to ensure availability of information for the state, municipal and regional planning specialists as well as investors and the whole society in order to promote common and versatile understanding of regional politics and prospects of territorial development by state administration, municipal institutions and society.

Information available at RDIM:

Social and economic indicators are used to analyse the social and economic development trends in particular state territories. It is quantitative information on the economic development of the state territories and the quality of life of the population. All these indicators are available for the whole country as well as for particular state territories and for specific period of time. The information used is taken from the state program of statistical information and from other administrative data sources. Derived indicators formed from the available basic indicators are available for more detailed analysis.

The indicators of sectoral policy implementation instruments are used to evaluate what influence on the state territory they have and how coordinated they are. For this aim the indicators on regional development support tools are used - firstly from the Management information system for European Union Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund, program indicators administered by the Rural Support Service and information from the Treasury.

Information sources:

Central Statistical Bureau, Spatial Development Planning Information System, State Revenue Service, The Treasury, State Social Insurance Agency, The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs, State Employment Agency, Ministry of Education and Science, Latvian State Roads, Ministry of Welfare, Register of Enterprises, Management information system for European Union Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund, Rural Support Service, The Information Centre of the Ministry of the Interior, A/S "Sadales tīkls".

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